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  • Hopelessly Hopeful

    Opening Reception, Sunday, May 21st, 4-6 pm

    May 21st - June 25th


    This exhibition will include work by 8 artists from the region and across the US.


    We will not give up, give in, or sit by silently in the face of fear.


    • Diana Baumbach - Laramie, WY
    • Checa Baldarelli - Tuscaloosa, AL
    • Lisa Kelley - Elkins Park, PA
    • Dawn Kramlich - Philadelphia, PA
    • Kathryn Pannepacker - Philadelphia, PA
    • Lori Remmel - Tamaqua, PA
    • Teresa Westkaemper - Jenkintown, PA
    • Melissa Wilkinson - Little Rock, AK
  • Immersed

    May 2016

    a juried exhibition of work by artist mothers


    a juried exhibition

    This exhibition celebrated the often overlooked and undervalued work of women who attempt to balance the responsibilities of being both an artist and a mother. The content, subject, materials, technique and process of the work deals directly and indirectly with what it means to be a mother. The goal of this exhibition was to identify and gather a community of working artists who are also mothers.


    Jill Pederson, PhD

    The juror, Jill Pederson, is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Arcadia University (and fellow mother). Dr. Pederson received her Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 2008; she focuses on European art with an emphasis on Italian painting, sculpture, and graphic work from the fourteenth through seventeenth centuries.


    This exhibition includes work by Nancy Sophy, Teresa Shields, Anaradha Bhat, Karen Misher, Carrie Cook and Kimberly Stemler, Stephanie Steiner.

    exhibition statement

    by Kim Dean

    Strong of Flinging


    Her daily compromises are usually small, almost weightless.

    Other days they are bigger

    and she feels them change the shape of her body,

    of her thoughts.

    At first she carried them 

    but she has developed a skill for chucking them over her shoulder,

    trying to stay nimble,

    always stepping forward.


    One day, years in the future,

    feeling diminished,

    in need of certain of those chunks of her flung behind,

    she will turn

    looking back on the ground

    and find there

    a thin trail

    of tiny poems

    leading shortly to a small mountain

    of moments

    and choices.



    being nimble

    and strong of flinging

    She will climb the mountain.


    The view from there will bring her great joy.

    All her peaces.

    And such a view.


    But today,

    she will compromise.

    Trade one moment, one vision of herself for another.

    She won’t know until years in the future

    that this is the jagged edge on the mountain

    where she will place her foot and begin her climb.

    karen misher


    “Blackbird” draws on the rich history of Victorian mourning jewelry, and explores the moment when grief and joy, death and growth, hope and sadness all collide. When we mourn for what was never real and stand in awe for what is.


    Pyrex, Rubber, Hair, Sterling Silver, Peridot

    carrie cook


    Ink, Acrylic, pencil on paper

    20" x 18"

    nancy sophy

    Lummels Pool

    poppy seed oil, pastel on paper 

    9" x 13”

    Teresa Shields


    Single strands of embroidery floss wrapped around cotton cord, satin stitched to felted wool

    fabric and mounted for hanging

    4" x 4" x 1.5"

    Anuradha Bhat


    Ink and watercolor on paper

    5.5" X 8.5"

    Anuradha Bhat


    oil on panel 


    Stephanie Steiner

    by the river 

    hand colored etching

  • Crisis Farm Lab

    April 2015

    Maryann Worrell

    Crisis Farm Lab takes a critical view of environmental issues, strives to start a conversation and enact change. Through my experience of creating a portable garden, I began an investigation into basic natural resources. Breaking down the structure of the average garden to its fundamental elements of seed, soil and water, I further discovered a system in decline due to the manipulations of large corporations and governments, climate change and lack of personal responsibility.


    Crisis Farm Lab is both a warning and an encouragement. The sculptural installation expresses the limitations of these resources in a multi-layered system and invites the viewer to explore the subject in an interactive manner. By collecting a restricted quantity of each supply, my intention to clarify the plight of endangered resources, generate debate on our responsibilities to the natural world, and ultimately promote the initiative for the audience to start edible gardens of their own.


    The Gray Gallery hosts small group exhibitions seasonally that focus on local and regional emerging artists. The inaugural exhibition, Longing, opened in September 2014. 


    The gallery is a 15'x15' room situated in a historic home built in the late 1800s in the West Central area of Germantown, Philadelphia. 


    The gallery space is adjacent to the owners art studio. You can find out about her work here:




    All media and techniques are welcome for exhibition - site specific indoor/outdoor works, painting, photography, sculpture, fiber-related works, drawing, video, etc.  To be considered for exhibition please send a website address or 10 jpegs, resume, artist statement to address below.


    Open by appointment or as indicated.  


    Email carole@graygallery.co

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